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a written declaration certifying to a person’s character, conduct, or qualifications, or to the value, excellence, etc., of a thing; a letter or written statement of recommendation. 2. something given or done as an expression of esteem, admiration, or gratitude.

Social Media Marketing

SMM-  10 Mar Kevin DuncanExtremely informative- need to go back and put pieces together and work at it. Will definitely improve our sales. Thank you, lunch was also great.

SMM-  24th May Jessica Kable: Dedicating an entire blog entry. Will send links! Thank you so very much!!!

SMM- Great course, didn’t know where to start before this.

SMM- 14th Jun Sonia McKaiser: Nice small group, loved the interaction 

SMM-  10th May Taryn Conway: Fun/Interactive, hands-on and – WOW Lovely food :)

SMM-31st May Leon-Niel Wauts: Awsome, best course I have been on by far.

SMM-31st May Gretchen Pietschke: :)Which means WOW loved it

SMM-26th Jul Heidi Taljaard: Excellent! Looking forward to my next course! Visit Tulbagh Hotel for your FREE weekend please, your always welcome.

SMM-24th May Marelize: This course has been very helpful in helping me to integrate the different social media and separating business networking from my private social life. I will now be able to get traffic to my various sites.

SMM- Awesome, will be needing some backup, but, with you behind me I will be fine.

SMM-21st Aug Marlene Pietonus: Thank you was very interesting, I learnt so much

SMM-21st Aug Monique: Thank you we did not know what the most important and effective tools to use until now.

SMM-13 Sep Monigue Williams: Was very impressed with the knowledge i have gained :)

SMM-8 Feb Estelle Nogal: Brilliant as always-Very Practical and easy to understand highly recommended

SMM-30 Aug: Gained a lot of information-Very practical and hands on.

SMM – 24 Feb: Tania Bean :  Hi Sue, Thank you for a great course., feeling very excited to start applying my new knowledge. . Look forward to chatting in the near future.




SEO-5  Feb Bianca Luts: Was very easy to understand.Sue had allot of patience with me thank you so much:)