Staying on Top of your Internet Marketing Game

In the world of digital marketing, the landscape is always moving. New platforms are always popping up, existing platforms improve or change their offerings and new trends emerge. Unlike offline marketing were “tried and trusted recipes” can produce results time and time again, online marketing presents daily challenges.

For example, you can be outbid on Google Adwords; your Facebook posts are not getting any reach, or you have had no retweets on Twitter.

All of the above makes for a very challenging and flexible, moving business plan. Static plans just don’t work online. Keeping yourself up to date on new developments is essential for successful marketing campaings.

As the lead trainer for the Skills Train, Sue van der Linde firmly believes there are very few online marketing gurus out there; although many would like to call themselves this. It takes hard work and dedication to stay ahead of developments in the industry.  Sue is frequently updating her knowledge base to ensure your courses are meaningful and give real answers to real problems your business may face online.

Below is her most recent achievement.

certificate - digital marketing

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