Social Media for Charities / NGO’s

Social Media for Charities / NGO’s

This course is ideally suited to nonprofit professionals who want to build their capacity through increased understanding of communications and social media.


We answer the following:

  • How can using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube and Linked In help you raise funds for your Charity?
  • What are the best tools and techniques for promoting your fundraising and events online?
  • How can NGO’s take advantage of take advantage of the massive resources available worldwide online.

Who can Participate

This course is ideally suited to nonprofit professionals who want to build their capacity through increased understanding of communications and social media- Executive Directors/NGO managers / Marketing managers / PR managers who are responsible for communications and individuals who want to develop their professional skills and effectiveness.


The course will be delivered in small groups by a highly qualified trainer, (meet the trainer)  in a fully equipped air conditioned training room. Each session is unique in that real world issues the group have are addressed, analysed and suggestions made for improvement. The course is hands on, practical and speaks to your needs not just theory Participants with very little experience can attend it.

The course will consist of a 10 modules,  each followed by Q&A session during which your questions will be answered by the trainer.

This course is supported by extensive additional materials for participants to use after the course, this is given to you on the day.


Tweets, e-newsletters, web 2.0 — gone are the days of slow paced, one-way communication. Nonprofit professionals today have extraordinary opportunities at their fingertips to connect with resources that extend far past their location. However, with this rapid growth, it is critical to stay in tune with all the new developments. As Web 2.0 evolves into Web 3.0, a lack of knowledge on of the basic social media landscape and its applications can waste valuable time and money.

While tools such as Facebook, twitter and e- newsletter may not be difficult to use individually, integrating it into your fundraising strategy can be challenging. Increased understanding of the different channels can help to maximize your time and optimize your efforts. This interactive course aims to inform managers and fundraisers on using social media to increase visibility and raise funds through an introduction to the basics of social media and its applications.



  • 1 Course notes – electronically
  • 2 Attendance certificate
  • 3. An opportunity to pose your questions and receive immediate answers from the trainer
  • 4. Training in techniques that can immediately improve your fundraising.



  • 1.  useful handouts
  • 2. 30 days follow up support from the trainer

The Trainer:

Sue van der Linde is a communications and marketing professional that has worked with numerous corporates and nonprofits worldwide to help build their internal communication strategies and external presence with social media. Sue established her own Charity. Iris House Children’s Hospice in July of 2011. The exponential growth of Iris House is testimony to the success of their online presence and social media strategy, which Sue still guides. She served as the Buying and Marketing senior for Edcon Cosmetics and Fragrance division for over ten years. Sue has also run her own successful online marketing business. Scream Media with her husband and partner for over 11 years. She is based in Cape Town.

2017 Training Dates

The course will run on the first Thursday of every month, from 9.30am – 4pm – Light Lunch, teas and coffee are included

2017 – Training Dates 

5th Jan

2nd Feb

2nd March

6th April

4th May

8th June



Contact sue on 


083 937 7517