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H2L prides itself in delivering a professional SEO service. Our SEO team has had over 5 years experience in SEO strategy and delivery. We know that each site has it’s own bespoke SEO strategy, When you make a SEO inquiry with H2L, a qualified SEO web developer will go through your site page for page and give you a FREE diagnostic of the
entire site.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO influences the success of a website through search engine rankings and visitor traffic. The following takes a look at what SEO is.

The Purpose of a Website

Why do you have a website in the first place? Your answer is proberly “to attract potential
clients”. This way, internet users will have the chance to see and buy your product or services. What if users can’t find your site? Then users will not see or buy your product or services. If your site does not attract visitors then there is not much point in having a website. Whether you have a current website or are developing a website you need to understand what SEO is. Otherwise your site will not be found on the major search engines for keywords relating to your product or service.

Why should I SEO my website?

There are only 3 ways a prospective client can find your website.

  1. Type in the web address in the web address bar. E.G ( in reality the only way a client would know your website address is they have it on a business card, or have copied it from an offline advert)

  2. Find your site on directories (Part of SEO is to list your site on all relevant web directories relevant to your businesses.)

  3. Search. Fact: Search makes up 85% of the traffic on the internet. This is by far the most popular way clients find sites on the internet. When an internet user searches for content they usually type into a search engine relevant keywords that describe what they are looking for.

For instance if you were looking for a new Sony television and you live in Cape Town, you may well type into the search box, (Sony tv Cape Town) The top 10 results are displayed in the search engine results on the left. 95% of people ONLY look as far as page 3 , so it makes sense that you want your site to appear within the first 3 pages on Google, YahooMSN and Bing. SEO makes it possible for a website to rank higher in Natural Search Engine Result – left hand side of Google results. Search engines index and a give a site a page rank that is SEO friendly. A site that is not SEO friendly may be ignored or even marked as spam.

How does a Search Engine Search?

All Search engines use “Spiders” or “crawlers” to “crawl” through text on different websites. The “spiders” index the sites that relate best to the user’s search. It then ranks in order of reliance to the results. Google will normally rank information sites before sites selling items. (Part of SEO is to create relevant content /information on your website)So no matter how your site relates to the search, it is less likely to be ranked if you are not doing active SEO.

How to improve your Website Ranking

If you have a website you cannot ignore SEO. If your site is not designed or adapted for SEO then it will be missed or worse still put into the wrong category by the search engine’s “spiders” Search makes up 85% of the traffic on the internet. Your site needs to be FOUND in order to make you money. The higher the page position on search engines the more traffic your site will generate More relevant traffic equals more sales. Sites that have been adapted or designed for SEO will have a greater chance of being ranked and viewed.


We hope this brief explanation has helped you understand SEO better. It is important to know what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is, as this will help you to understand how SEO can benefit your website. Applying SEO to your website will improve its quality and search engine ranking.

“let your website achieve its FULL potential”

What do we do?

– Bespoke SEO strategy, tailor made for your business needs.

  • Up to 10 keywords per submission.
  • Ensure quality FREE link backs to your site from other relevant sites.
  • List your site on all FREE relevant businesses directories.
  • Work with you to improve content and keyword density on your pages.
  • Upgrade your meta tags and titles to match your content per page.
  • Add a Google and Yahoo site map to your site code.
  • Add a “human” site map to your site.
  • Upgrade your HTML,PHP code to SEO standards.

Link checking and repair

Upgrade your Web Accessibility

  • Market your site on social network sites and blogs Example: Facebook
  • Provide monthly reports on keyword progress.Each of our clients benefit from having a monthly SEO report, which would include previous and current rankings, current strategies and implementation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at first glance can sound complicated and technical. At H2L we want you our client to make 100% informed decisions, we will always take the time to explain to our clients what we do, why we do it and what we plan to accomplish by doing it. You are kept informed at EVERY stage of the SEO process.

Want to know more?
Why not contact one of our friendly SEO team now on 021 5590800. They will gladly answer any questions you still may have regarding the SEO of your website. OR use our useful links below to find out more for yourself why SEO is right for your business .

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What does it cost?

• Monthly SEO Package from R1,800.00p/m (minimum 6 months)