NPO Coach

As the founder and CEO of Iris House Children’ s Hospice. I have experienced many things I knew nothing about. Over the years I have gathered much leaning and wisdom. My background in marketing and training has put me in a unique position to assist other new and struggeling NPO’s

NPO Coaching – Sue van der Linde

3 Month Package

What you get:

11 hours of face to face sessions over 90 days

12 x 1 hour review calls or meetings per week  

Email support 24hour response time (up to 1 hour per week)

Session one: Discovery ,Aims and Goals (4 hours)\

(all decision makers to attend )

Vision board 

Vision Wording

Needs Assessment

Mission Statement



Action Plan – 90 day plans in place with actionable tasks, deadlines and responsibilities

Session two: Legislation status of the NPO (2 hours )

Good governance is the foundation of a successful NPO. Governance can make or break your organisation

Registrations  – Legal requirements


Board structure – governance / members vs non membership structure

Policy and procedures

Local Government

National Government

Tax status



Session three –  Brand Marketing / Fundraising (3 hours)

(People involved in fundraising to attend)

Passive income –

Social Media –

Press / Awareness –

Databases –


Other NPO joint ventures

Benefit schemes



Government Funding

Session Four  – Review  (3 hours )

Examine successes

Examine problems

Review areas that still need work

Reset action plan if necessary

Next steps

Please note: REVIEW

Progress is reviewed continuously to assess value and to maintain momentum and traction. The programme as adapted as progress is made or when new issues surface.

R220 per hour


Calls R2640

Email R2640

Total price R7660 (payable prior to start of program)

Please note invoicing is Via my training company –  The Skills Train however a 20% donation is made to Iris House Children’s Hospice

Additional modules are available on request and timing worked out accordingly .