Covid19 Pack

Dear NPO’s, because of our new normal, IMPORTANT skills that we should have had a long time ago suddenly became URGENT. I am talking about upskilling yourself regarding social media, and online fundraising. Raising funds by hosting events is just not possible anymore – we need to change our thinking about fundraising, however, that can only happen if we improve our skills. I have put together a stand-alone coaching program. The two-day social media/fundraising program aims to make it easier for you to get the skills you need. I have broken down complicated stuff into bite-size pieces. The coaching program can be attended in person (One2One) or via Zoom. Contact me on 0839377517 to book your spot.

The COVID19 Pack cover the following:

Passive income –

Social Media –

Press / Awareness –

Databases –


Other NPO joint ventures

Benefit schemes

International Fundraising


Government Funding

Course Duration: 2 Days – 9am – 4pm / One2One training OR via Zoom / Price R1800