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Staying on Top of your Internet Marketing Game

In the world of digital marketing, the landscape is always moving. New platforms are always popping up, existing platforms improve or change their offerings and new trends emerge. Unlike offline marketing were “tried and trusted recipes” can produce results time

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Facebook’s Changing Algorithm: How to Make it Work for You

Facebook’s Changing Algorithm: How to Make it Work for You Earlier this month, Facebook execs penned a blog post describing changes to the social media giant`s news feed algorithm. Designed to curb spam and enhance the user experience, the modifications were defined

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Facebook under attack as ‘algorithms’ spreads false stories about the Obamas

Facebook users clicking on a link to read a story about Michelle Obama’s encounter with a 10-year-old girl whose father was jobless were in for a shock, the Boston Globe reported yesterday. Facebook responded to the click by offering what

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PPC Tip Of The Day

  The keywords in your paid search accounts are what drive the entire PPC machine. Without the keywords, your ads have no trigger to populate. If it were as easy as adding all the keywords in the world and walking

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Social Media Tip Of The Day

  In today’s world social media has become the most fastest and easiest way for people to connect with each other be it via facebook twitter or pintrest with these networks you can do just about anything be it simply

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Cape Town Scoops Social Media Award

Cape Town Tourism has been announced as a winner in this year’s annual Travel + Leisure SMITTY Awards  in the category Best Overall Use of Social Media, CVB, Global. The Travel + Leisure SMITTY Awards recognise innovative use of social

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